Rimpar USA main goal is to be partners not suppliers !

Our mission is to empower individuals and businesses to acquire a higher productivity with the help of our industrial carpet cleaning equipment and by offering services adapted to meet they’re specific needs. 

  • Fast, experienced and innovative staff
  • Maintenance and spare parts service you need
  • We know the expectations of our customers
  • We produce with the global quality management

Our Machines

We present professional solutions in line with the needs of companies.



Machine is made of laser cut sheet metal with a thickness of 4 mm and it is covered with hot dip galvanization to ensure stainless.


Dedusting process system is realized by four operations that are done simultaneously: beating vibrating ,brushing and vacuuming.


Carpet wringing machine is rinsing and extracting the water leaving the carpet without any chemical residue and with a shorter drying time upf ront.


Brush should not be loaded with lint or hair otherwise it will not perform or it could get stuck. Conveyor belt should be vacuumed and ...